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  • Moliere’s Don Juan, translated & adapted by Stephen Wadsworth

    Moliere’s Don Juan, translated & adapted by Stephen Wadsworth

    This book invites the reader to consider the history of Moliere’s much-censored and oft-bowdlerized play “Don Juan,” and to imagine, through this version of its text, its original fire. Moliere’s wildly controversial script enjoyed exactly one performance before the censors and lobbyists started pulling it apart. This version supposes what could or might have been...Read More »
  • 2017 Theatre Brut Festival Anthology

    2017 Theatre Brut Festival Anthology

    A Collection of 28 Short Plays A Few Good PB&Js (Kehoe) After You (Blessing) Australia s Oldest Woman (Carroll) Barroom Sonata (Canfora) Blood Sausage (Biguenet) Braking in the New Boss (DiIorio) Cubs Win! (Smith) Deliver Us (August) Eve in the Hot Seat (Mori) Eviction (Frank) Exhibit A (Grant) Ful Nabit (Cunningham) Her Place in the...Read More »
  • Staged Reading Magic

    Staged Reading Magic

    Packed with ideas, insider tips, and a touch of Broadway gossip! – this practical guide shows you, step by step, how to transform simple script readings into breathtaking, memorable, theatrical experiences…and how to do it on a shoestring.  Written for anyone who wants to produce a successful reading, including professional and community theaters, actors, directors,...Read More »
  • 222 More Comedy Monologues, 2 Minutes & Under

    222 More Comedy Monologues, 2 Minutes & Under

    The Funniest, Hottest Monologues available! From writers as varied as Anton Chekhov, Will Eno, Reina Hardy, David Rakoff, Mark Twain and Lauren Gunderson. You’ll find shades of comedy from light to dark, situational humor, word play, absurdity, surrealism, and first-rate character work by some very funny writers. It’s all here!  Read More »
  • Crash Course Volume 2

    Crash Course Volume 2

    Are you auditioning for theater and looking for tips on how to improve your cold reading technique or monologues? Are you graduating from a high school or college acting program and looking to polish your auditioning skills as you enter the professional industry? Are you new to acting and looking for advice on headshots and...Read More »

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