A New Productions in Print Title – 2018 Theatre Brut Anthology – “When the Circus Comes to Town” – Available Now

New Jersey Repertory Company’s 2018 Theatre Brut Anthology

(A Collection of 31 Short Plays)

All We Want (McLindon)
Blue Bench (Merilo)
By the Light (McLean)
Circus Real (Kozak)
Clown Alley (DiIorio)
Death Defying (Kaplan)
Doodle-lee Doo (Stone)
Extraordinary (Swain)
Fortune’s Fool (Delaney)
In the Hole (Daftsios)
Like Brothers (Fitzpatrick)       
No More Writers (Vetere)
Riding Lessons (Hursey)  
The Revisionist (Beckwith) 
Think Like a Man (Smith)
Verisimilitude (Zack)
The Circus Train Wreck (Clardy)
The Existential Marionette (Beckwith)
Zazu (Tucker)
Parlez Vous (Waters/Jablonski)
Maximilian the Magnificent (Grant)
The Circus Acrobat Girl (Kimball)
Spontaneous Clownbustion (Weagly) 
Covenant (or…Bagels and Butchery (Weitzman)  
Gravity: The Three-Body Problem (Biguenet)                     
Nightmare Alley: An Introduction (Brielle)
Oh No! I Flew Too Close to the Sun (Higbee)                      
On the Underground, or The Penguin Play (Hefti)             
When the Circus Came to Town (Griffin)                           
Sad Clown & the Circus de Italo (Palangio)

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