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While visiting the author’s page, you can browse through a listing of their books, and easily click through to view full book details and purchasing information. Bold listings indicate featured playwrights who have work published in our new scene, monologue and play collections.

In time, the Writers Table includes every playwright ever published within Smith and Kraus’s complete library of monologues, scenes, and plays. Visit frequently to find the most recent playwright additions.

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Writers Table

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Caan, Scott
Cabico, Regie
Cagan, Kayla
Calarco, Joe
Calderon, Guillermo
Caldwell, Lucy
Callaghan, Sheila
Campbell, Maura
Canady, Darren
Canfora, Jack
Cantrelle, Carla
Capecci, John
Caplan, Cathy
Carden, William
Cardona, Ed
Caren, Jonathan
Cariani, John
Carie, Brandy N.
Carlin, Aviva Jane
Carpenter, Bridget
Carr, Laurence
Casarino, Matt
Case, Melanie Salazar
Case, Andrew
Casella, Martin
Cassidy, Nat
Castellani, Catherine
Cavanagh, Tom
Cefaly, Audrey
Cerny, JoBe
Chafee, Claire
Chandler, Wilma Marcus
Chasten, Gamal A.
Chau, Nora
Chen, Christopher
Chen, Kittie
Chimonides, Jason
Ching, Carla
Cho, Julia
Chrisler, Mark
Christy, James
Chua, Damon
Chung, Mia
Cino, Maggie
Cirone, David
Cissna, Bill
Claff, Rachel
Clardy, Andrea Fleck
Clark, Michael
Clarke, Jocelyn
Clawson, Ben
Cloonan, Therese
Cloud, Darrah
Clyman, Bob
Coash, Tom
Coble, Eric
Cohen, Robert
Cohen, Jeff
Cohn, Meryl
Colaizzo, Paul Downs
Colburn, Randall
Colfer, Ronan
Conaghy, Charlene A.
Congdon, Constance
Conkel, Joshua
Cook, Jonathan
Cooper, Cynthia L.
Cooper, M. Thomas
Cooper, Helen
Cooper, Sharon E.
Cooper, Sharon
Cooper, Stephen
Coppel, Fernanda
Corley, Hal
Cornell, Mark
Cornthwaite, Robert
Corthron, Kara
Corthron, Kia
Cosson, Steve
Cotlar, Marvin L.
Cotter, Patricia
Cotton, Laura
Courtney, Erin
Cowhig, Frances Ya-Chu
Cox, Claire
Cram, Cusi
Cram, Cusi
Crawford, David Wright
Crawford, Trace
Crehak, Jay
Crim, Carey
Cromelin, Caroline
Cropp, Harold N.
Croydon, Christine
Cruz, Migdalia
Cruz, Nilo
Cummings, Bernard
Cunningham, Adam
Cunningham, Alexandra
Cunningham, J. Thalia
Cunningham, Laura Shane
Cutter, Patricia
Czitron, Nina