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While visiting the author’s page, you can browse through a listing of their books, and easily click through to view full book details and purchasing information. Bold listings indicate featured playwrights who have work published in our new scene, monologue and play collections.

In time, the Writers Table includes every playwright ever published within Smith and Kraus’s complete library of monologues, scenes, and plays. Visit frequently to find the most recent playwright additions.

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Macadaeg, Robert
MacArthur, Charlie
MacCallum, Rhea
MacCarthy, Mariah
MacDonald, Sharman
MacDonald, Maya
MacDonald, Bruce
MacGregor, David
Machado, Eduardo
Macher, Samantha
Mack, Carol K.
MacLachlan, Rod
MacLaughlin, Wendy
MacLeod, Wendy
MacNicholas, John
Madden, Dano
Magid, Cheri
Maguire, Matthew
Mailer, John Buffalo
Maisel, Jennifer
Mallon, Erin
Mamet, David
Manfull, Helen
Manley, Richard
Manley, Frank
Mann, Emily
Manning, Linda
Mansfield, Nina
Mansour, Mona
Manus, Bob
Marcato, Rob
Margolin, Deb
Margulies, Donald
Mariani, Anthony L.
Mark, Aaron
Markarian, Michele
Marks, Laura
Marlow, James E.
Marnich, Melanie
Marowitz, Charles
Martin, Sean
Martin, Jane
Martinez, Rogelio
Martinson, Zoey
Masciotti, Christina
Mason, Timothy
Mastrosimone, William
Matthews, Liv
Matthews, Dakin
Mattingly, Wayne Paul
Mavromatis, K. Alexa
Maxwell, Ross
McCamy, Kate
McCaskill, Robert
McClinton, Marion
McCrea, Scott
McCullough, L. E.
McCullough, Mia
McEneny, John P.
McFadden, Rod
McFeely, Stephen
McGee, Jerry
McGough, Walt
McGrath, Doug
McKay, Robert
McKee, Julie
McKeever, Michael
McKenna, Colin
McKinley, Gabe
McKinney, John
McLeod, Kevin R.
McLindon, James
McManus, James
McMaster, Jennifer
McNally, Terrence
McNulty, Craig
Mease, Noah
Mee, Charles L.
Meinhardt, Jocelyn
Melaver, Ellen
Mensch, Carly
Metzler, Molly Smith
Meyer, Marlane Gomard
Meyers, David
Meyerson, Henry
Miles, Julia
Millay, Edna St. Vincent
Miller, David Don
Miller, Winter
Miller, J. B.
Miller, Susan
Miller, Bruce J.
Milstein , Janet
Milton, Patricia
Minigan, John
Mitchell, Debbie
Mitnick, Michael
Moore, Allison
Moran, Tom
Morey, Jill
Mori, Brian
Morisseau, Dominique
Morizono, Lesli-Jo
Morogiello, John
Morris, Peter
Morris, Steven Leigh
Morris, Karen
Moses, Itamar
Moughon, Erin
Moulds, Steve
Mueller, Carl R.
Mueller, Ross
Mueller, Lavonne
Mulley, Kate
Mullins, Bridhde
Murdoch, Shannon
Murillo, Carlos
Murphy, R.D.
Musso, Joe
Myatt, Julie Marie