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Interludes: Two One-Act Plays

by Allan Havis

Two one-act plays by Allan Havis, brought together under the title Holy Wars, are now being featured on the Rep’s experimental stage in Cambridge, and they are powerfully conceived.  The reversal of the usual roles is even greater in “The Road from Jerusalem,” in which a visiting German businessman, an American Jewess come as an immigrant, and an Arab Palestinian find themselves taking refuse in a bomb shelter under Arab siege.   This is a political play, and what makes it compelling is its pessimism, which is to say its truthfulness.”  – Martin Peretz, Editor-in-Chief, “The New Republic

 “Interludes” is a play that takes some very heavy philosophical themes about the destructive elements in all male-female relationships and intertwines humor and heaviness in such a skillful way, that we end up being amused, as well as informed.  –  Bob Paglia, Critic at Large, WELI Radio, New Haven

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