When the Promise was Broken

When the Promise was Broken

Short Plays Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen

Drive All Night by Steven Dietz (inspired by “Drive All Night”)

Bloody River by Elaine Romero (inspired by “American Skin”)

I’m on Fire by Gregory Moss (inspired by “I’m on Fire”)

Glad for the Company by Tucker Rafferty (inspired by “Nebraska”)

Spirit of Transportation by Kipika Guha (inspired by “Streets of Philadelphia”)

Merry-Go-Round Man by Edward Baker (inspired by “Cover Me”)

The Stray by Scott Barsotti (inspired by “Highway Patrolman”)

Object Permanence by Jennifer Blackmer (inspired by “Terry’s Song”)

Gospel Hour by Dan and Drew Caffrey (inspired by “State Trooper”)

Valhalla Correctional by Peter Ullian (inspired by “We Take Care of Our Own”)

Pick Up Beds by K. Frithjof Peterson (inspired by “When You’re Alone”)

Birthday Wishes by Nikkole Salter (inspired by “Secret Garden”)

Growin’ Up or I was a Teenage Bruce Springsteen! by Steve Feffer (inspired by “Growin’ Up”)